IMPACT BLUEJAY™ Professional Polarized BLUE LENS GOLF Sunglasses


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IMPACT BLUEJAY™ Ultimate Professional POLARIZED UV400 BLUE LENS Sunglasses will improve contrast and eliminate glare, significantly improving your vision of the improving your vision of your environment – especially while engaging in outdoor activity that demand the sharpest vision possible. Blue Lenses also protect your eyes from the long hours spent exposed to the sun’s harmful rays while outdoors – in a way that polarized lenses alone cannot.

IMPACT BLUEJAY™ Blue Lenses feature specialized BLUE TINTING that is ideal for OUTDOORS.

  • UV400 100% UVA and UVB Protection
  • Polarized Anti-Glare BLUE Lenses
  • Ultra Comfortable Lightweight Frames
  • See all the details you normally miss!
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